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‘Reincarnation Has No Sense Of Time’



Took me 20? 25? years or more to work out how to tell it but my poem/flash/don’t-know-what of this story’s now up at Bending Genres

Image from https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-a-mobius-strip





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‘Half A Martha’

(Written for my god-daughter)



“Half a Martha’s worth more than all of
The money in the world combined
Then squared”, I bluff
(Maths baffles my mind).
“Is that all?” Martha asks
And starts doing her own sums
Counting her noses, toes,
Fingers and thumbs.
“Am I worth more than gold?”
Oh, at least that, I say.
So she Googles the value of
Gold bullion today.
Then she drags out the bathroom scales
To compare
And decides, to be sure,
I should join her on there.
“Look at that, fatso!
We’re right off the scale!”
And off bounces Martha
The beyond-priceless girl.