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My new flash, “Fashions”

is now up at Spelk.

velvet jacket


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‘Among The Breeders’



My new flash ‘Among The Breeders’, is now up at Ellipsis Zine.

As ever, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.  Hope you enjoy.

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For the Moon landing and my friend J’s 50th.


My school friend Jason H was born
The day of the American moon landing.
Neither event was a hoax
Though I met some who’d wish different.
Apollo of his mother’s eye
When not transforming her into an Edgware werewolf howling
A Cancer baby
She a cancer loss
But later, later that.
For now, back then,
Jason, Neil and Buzz new worlding.
Proud pictures taken.
Black skies.
A boy who looked like Lenin
Though maybe that came later, too.
Armstrong and Aldrin skipped
My first Springsteen gig
Day in court
Grass-blown nights
But they did their bit.

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Someone writing about my writing

The clearly beautifully-souled and shining-minded Adam Lock has written about my  flash ‘A Plan’ , using far more words than I did in my flash, ‘A Plan’.